Hello—I'm Aaron Kraus.

In the 15 years I've worked as a designer I’ve had my name attached to many titles—Creative Lead, Art Director, Creative Director, UI Designer, Senior Design Consultant, User Experience Designer, Experience Architect—and while each title meant something to someone, none are terribly self-evident. 

So, let's just stick with designer and get to talking about what I do.

What I Do

I create compelling designs and exceptional experiences that truly satisfy the people who pay me. I listen, ask questions, explore ideas, craft solutions, and deliver designs that meet my clients’ expectations of quality, vision, and value. 

How I Do It

I encourage productive collaboration and strive to actively lead ideation, design, and production. I mindfully balance user experience and design principles and make sure requirements are communicated clearly and deadlines met promptly.

Who I've Done It For

I have worked for agencies, corporations, startups, and as an independent designer; serving a variety of markets and audiences, delivering in pretty much every medium imaginable. I currently work as a Senior Experience Architect for Salesforce Experience Design.

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